Note: This is a partial archive of past programs. Our old Wordpress site crashed in March 2013, and much of our old data was lost with it. Please be patient as our team of volunteers attempts to retrieve these lost files.

2016-12-02 The Holiday Re/Mix 2016

2016-10-15 APAture 2016 Recap

2016-09-30 APAture 2016

2016-09-18 KSW and Kundiman present the Bay Area Book Release of "The Fortunes"

2016-09-16 IWL 2016 Final Reading and Chapbook Release

2016-08-29 Gods and Demons: Drawing From Your Own Pantheon with Trinidad Escobar

2016-07-29 Belonging: APAture Responds to Between Worlds

2016-06-19 Make the Words Dance with Mong-Lan

2016-06-02 Interdisciplinary Writers Lab 2016

2016-05-24 Revisiting Our Roots: KSW Press

2016-05-10 Frames of Mind 

2016-04-24 Dastanhayeh-jadid (New Stories): Iranian Writers Reading & Discussion

2016-04-11 Gods and Demons: Writing from Your Own Pantheon with Bryan Thao Worra

2016-03-05 Celebrate Your Body 2016

2016-02-01 Lydia's Funeral Video West Coast Launch


2015-12-13 Roots & Resistance: A Culinary Tribute to the SoMa

2015-12-04 Kearny Street Workshop presents The Holiday RE/mix

2015-11-22 Building the Legend: An All Levels Writing and Performance Workshop

2015-10-17 APAture 2015: Future Tense

2015-10-16 Reclaiming the Narrative with Cathy Park Hong and Oliver Wang

2015-09-18 Interdisciplinary Writers Lab Final Reading and Chapbook Release

2015-09-11 Feast of Funny II

2015-08-29 Interdisciplinary Writers Lab

2015-08-10 Coke Tani, Collier Nogues & Kinuko Mototake (Co-Presented by Kearny Street Workshop)

2015-07-26 Dumpling Wars 3: Game of Noms

2015-06-01 Drop-In Songwriting Clinic

2015-05-23 Asian Americans Coast-to-Coast: Honoring Our Literary Ancestors

2015-05-14 Revisiting Our Roots: Where We're Going, Where We've Been

2015-05-02 On Memory & Place: Writing Workshop with Tony Robles

2015-04-30 Migrant Lives, Migrant Dreams: The Graphic Art of Ka Yan Cheung

2015-04-02 Krisantha Sri Bhaggiyadatta: Reading and Reception

2015-03-12 Discovering the Muse

2015-03-07 Rebel Legacy: Activist Art from South Asian California

2015-01-31 Celebrate Your Body


2014-12-05 It's a KSW Holiday!

2014-12-05 Here Sometimes: Bridget Ho at the Office Gallery

2014-11-13 The Names We Carry

2014-11-08 Poetry & Brunch

2014-10-06 APAture '14: Focus on Emerging Asian Pacific American Artists

2014-07-31 Echo/Transmission

2014-06-20 Thank You for Failing!

2014-06-13 One Size Fits All

2014-05-31 Auto(SOMA)tic: Creative Responses to the SOMA

2014-04-26 War and Legacy: Literary Readings and Discussions

2014-04-18 Community Artists Professional Skills Building Workshops

2014-04-12 Dumpling Wars 2: The Hungry Games

2014-03-21 Workshop and Poetry Reading: Artist+SF=Meaning?

2014-03-14 Kayod Nang Kayod: Pio Candelaria at the Office Gallery

2014-01-03 Artists in Residence: Creative Works from the Residents of EBALDC


2013-12-06 It's a KSW Holiday!

2013-12-04 Every Artist Insured

2013-10-26 APAture '13: A Window into the Art of Emerging Asian Pacific American Artists

2013-09-13 Feast of Funny: Comedy, Cuisine, for a Cause

2013-08-02 Urban Imprints Scratching the Surface

2013-07-10 Portfolio Prep 101

2013-05-31 KSW Runway: Celebrate Your Body


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